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Michael Shuman’s “Local Investment 101” Workshops FAQs

Washington State Microenterprise Association Announces Michael Shuman’s “Local Investment 101” Workshops FAQs

Interested in learning everything you need to know about local investment? Whether you are a pensioner interested in supporting a local business or a business looking for local capital, this course will be invaluable.

What does the Local Investment 101 course cover?

Michael Shuman, author of five books on local economies and local investment, has prepared 15 videos around the following questions:

  • Why are local businesses so important for community development?
  • What are the returns and risks of local investments?
  • What are the most promising kinds of local investments?
  • How can I find local investments?
  • How should I evaluate local investments?
  • How can I use tax-deferred pension savings for local investments?
  • What are the rules governing self-directed IRAs and solo 401ks?
  • Why are local banks and credit unions important for local investors?
  • What local investment opportunities do cooperatives offer?
  • What are the basics of securities law?
  • What tools and resources are available to help me prepare my business for financing?
  • How can my business raise funds from accredited investors?
  • How can my business raise funds from grassroots investors?
  • What kinds of community investment funds might facilitate local investment?
  • What kinds of state and local policies can facilitate local investment?

What else is in the course?

  • You can take the course two ways. One is to view the videos on your own or in a small discussion group. The other way is to view and discuss the materials in four 90-minute virtual classes led by Michael.

What is the cost?

  • For participants just viewing the videos, it is $99 per person. For participants wanting to learn through online classes and develop personal and community local investment plans, it’s $199 per person. There will be two workshops in 2021. Click to register for the March workshops.

Are there other options?

  • We are pleased to announce that the Washington State Microenterprise Association has sponsored 25 spaces in the March training and 25 spaces for the training in the fall for a total of 50 attendees!

How can I sign up for one of the free workshops?