What We Do

Economic Development for Main Street

The Washington State Microenterprise Association Provides Economic Development for Washington Businesses.

We want Washington’s smallest businesses to have access to the tools and resources they need so they can innovate, succeed, and create economic vitality and a strong sense of place in their communities.

We strengthen these businesses by assisting the regional organizations that help them thrive, Microenterprise Development Organizations (or MDOs).

The Washington State Microenterprise Associations provides MDOs across Washington state with:

Capacity Building & Resources

We hold regional conferences, provide technical assistance, and link MDOs with funding and other resources.

Networking Opportunities

We convene meetings, conferences, and other networking opportunities to help MDOs and microbiz advocates collaborate with business, economic development, and financing partners.


We award grants to MDOs to support their programs. Since 2008, we’ve awarded more than $2 million in grants to MDOs for capacity building and training.

Our grants to MDOs have leveraged an additional $926,000 in funds from federal, local, or private sources

Training & Technical Assistance

Here's what coming up soon!

We’re passionate about assisting MDOs because they:

  • Increase participation in the state’s economy
  • Increase earning potential of small business owners
  • Encourage innovation in our communities.
  • Increase diversity in the state’s business ecosystem.
  • Empower business owners so they can engage, learn, and create in this new economy.

We convene and cultivate a strong network of business development partners to build prosperity by creating access to resources for Washington’s smallest businesses.

Microbusinesses are a rich source of innovation and employment. They represent a well of opportunity for the state’s economic growth. 

Thanks to Washington’s pro-business efforts, our state has a fairly diverse business landscape that has led to prosperity for many employees across the state. Corporations, major retailers, and high-tech entrepreneurs benefit from solid policy, capital, and even media attention.

But Washington’s smallest businesses experience barriers that keep them from gaining access to the resources they need to succeed and create wealth

Microbusinesses in Washington are operated by people in many underrepresented groups including Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), veterans, and people with disabilities as well as rural, tribal, LGBTQA+, and entrepreneurs who are low-income and/or under-resourced. These populations face significant barriers to business success due to lack of financing, training, and other business support resources.

Assisting MDOs is a common-sense solution.

MDOs are uniquely skilled and geographically accessible organizations that have great capacity to provide training, credit counseling, technical assistance, microloans, and other services to entrepreneurs. An MDO may be the only source of help for a community’s microbusiness owners. 

But many regions in the state have no access to MDO resources.

By supporting existing and emerging MDOs and helping establish new ones we are able to serve some of the most innovative, resourceful business owners in the state’s economy. Find out more about the organizations who are helping microbusinesses in Washington prosper and succeed.

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