Let Your Numbers Do the Talking

If your organization provides small business training, technical assistance and/or access to micro-loan funds, please, BE COUNTED!  A tedious task at times, number counting and collection is critical in making the case, promoting your work, and improving the support environment.  Be sure to submit your numbers this year through the 2014 Census.  We count on these numbers to tell our story in Washington and across the US.

FIELD at the Aspen Institute has launched the 2014 U.S. Microenterprise Census! At WSMA we believe the Census is crucial to our efforts to build the industry.  As a bonus, the fact that the Census data is available online through microTracker.org means that you can leverage the data you provide to strengthen your fundraising efforts and to inform your program management. Contribute your data today!

Before submitting your data, you will want to know about some exciting new changes to the Census:

  • A shorter survey option. There are now two Census surveys on www.microTracker.org:  A new shorter Census survey with fewer than half of the questions.  This survey is designed for organizations that want to contribute to industry-wide data but lack the ability or desire to report on the more complicated metrics.  The original, full version of the Census.  Reporting this data provides us and you with the ability to examine and speak to critical issues such as portfolio quality and sources of program funding
  • Streamlined cleaning processes. Part of the value of the Census data is that it has been cleaned and vetted by a third party.  FIELD has reviewed and streamlined its cleaning process to allow it to maintain quality while making it faster and easier for reporters.   That means you will be asked fewer questions, and will not receive as many email requests to verify your data.
  • Shorter Census campaign. FIELD ‘s goal is to conclude the Census in 6-8 weeks – one-third the time of last year’s campaign.  That means you will receive fewer emails and phone calls requesting your data. It also means you will be able to access up-to-date data—yours and the industry’s –earlier in the year.

How Do I Submit my Data?

Simply visit www.microtracker.org/censusand select your survey. You will be prompted to log into microtracker, or to create a free registration if you do not already have an account.  This process will take just moments, and then you’ll be on your way. The first few sections of the survey pre-fill based on past survey data. Review and update these sections if needed, then start filling in your data. You can save your data as you go by clicking ‘Save and Continue’ at the bottom of each page. You can come back and complete your survey at a later date, if needed. Just remember to log into microTracker with the same account information you used to start the survey. That’s it! Thank you for contributing your data.